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Happy Tuesday Year 4!


Hope you are all well and enjoyed your activities yesterday. I have added a comments block so please let me know how you are all getting on. Use this to ask any questions you might have too or just to say hi :) I miss you all!

Also, have a sneaky scroll all the way to the bottom, we have an exciting class read today. If Minecraft is not your thing I recommend Alice in Wonderland on page 2!



Read the Powerpoint for a reminder about Inverted Commas (or speech marks). Remember that these wrap around the words that are spoken.


Can you remember the other important punctuation in speech?


  • New speaker, new line

  • Starts with a capital letter

  • Speaker and verb

  • Comma before the inverted comma

  • Punctuation within the inverted commas

  • eg. Miss Croghan stated, "Try your best when working at home."


After you have read through the Introduction Powerpoint, complete the Speech activity. You need to use inverted commas to write out each speech bubble into a speech sentence.



Today we will be learning about hundredths on a place value grid.


How many hundredths are in one whole? ... 100!


How many hundredths are in one tenth? ... 10!


Read through the interactive Powerpoint to introduce and practice the learning. Then, apply your knowledge to the hundredths activity sheet. 



Topic - Science


Read the instructions for the Boat shape investigation! Can you create a boat to help the Romans?


When you have completed your boat, it is time to test it out! You will need a bucket/sink/bath full of water; something move the boat across the water (a straw that you could blow through or a fan/hairdryer with adult supervision only - remember that it is extremely dangerous to use electrical items near water); and a watch to measure the time (you could use a timer on a phone/tablet too).


Remember to record and evaluate your results!