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Tuesday 23/6/2020

Maths & PD

Date 23.06.2020

Today we are going to play an action game to find very big and very small things.

You can do this inside or outside—just choose the actions according to where you play.  Choose to do as many or as few as you like. You could make your own up or ask your child to give you a challenge.


Reading and C&L

Have another listen to the story of Oh Dear!   if you have your own book read along with your grown up. Can you join in with Buster: “No eggs here! Oh dear!”

Look at the picture carefully and see if you can answer the questions.


What colour is Buster’s jumper?

Who is in the basket?

Where is the owl?

What does the cow say?

Did Buster get some eggs from the barn?

What could we get from a cow?



Discuss with children that Buster couldn’t get eggs in the barn. Ask why? Cows don’t lay eggs!

Ask: What food/drink can we get from a cow? Milk.

Watch the cbbc video to find out  more about how cows are milked.


CBBC LABS: The Muckers Milking Cows

Watch how we get the milk we drink.

Now you are going to have a try!

Fine Motor Skills Activities: Milking a Cow — a quick easy activity for hand strengthening and coordination that’s sure to get a few giggles too! 

What You’ll Need:


-Clean rubber glove


What to Do:

· Take a needle and prick the end of one finger of the rubber glove.  Depending on the thickness of your gloves, you may need to stretch the hole with the needle in a circular motion to widen the hole.

· Fill the glove with water and tie the open end of the glove so that it holds the liquid without spilling.

· Now the fun can begin!  Allow your child to grasp and squeeze the finger downward to simulate milking a cow. You can attempt to fill a small glass with the “milk.”


· Try thickening the pretend “milk” with some flour if it is coming out of the hole too fast. Make sure to do this in a cup prior to pouring into the glove.

· Hold the glove while the child squeezes, or if they can, encourage the child to use two hands for the activity.