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Tuesday 16th June


Phonics: Watch the video to find out when to use cion, sion, tion and ssion.


Complete the below activity sheet on paper.



Main: Yesterday we looked at how to write a setting description and began to write notes of our own.

Have a look at the grids and the examples. Draw your own grids and complete the information in each box.


Now have a look at the next grid. Can you draw this in your book and fill in the boxes. Use the example to support your ideas. 





Starter: Today we are continuing to revise our skills on the seven times tables.

Watch today’s song.

Now complete the questions on the sheet below:



Main: We will be learning how to subtract 2 4 digit numbers using the pictorial method today. Watch today’s lesson.

Now answer the questions using the method seen in the video.



Read the extract “ A very unusual winter”. Now answer the questions. 




Log into Joe Wick’s you tube channel to complete today’s workout.


Think about your family and maybe your extended family. Think about how you all work together to make the family a good team. Each family member I expect is good at something and that is what makes you all a good team. Draw a family portrait of your family who live in your house in the middle of a piece of paper. You may want to add on more people if they are people who work in your family team.  Now I would like you to label each person in the family with a bubble which you will write in. Think about what each of the family member does to contribute to your family team. Now write it in their bubble. 

Class read:

Listen to Mrs Stephani read some of the story “ The Giraffe, and Pelly and Me”, by Roald Dahl.