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Tuesday 23rd June



Complete the activity deciding whether it is a single or a plural noun with an apostrophe.


Today we are going to look at another example of a lego minifigure and you are going to design your own as we did yesterday. Have a look at the example below and now design your own character. Remember to use the template to help you.



Today we are continuing to work on the 8 times tables. Complete the activity. 

Today we will be using the pictorial method to solve our multiplication questions. Watch both videos to see how our questions will be answered today. After you have watched the video, complete the activity sheet using today's method.






Read the extract and answer the questions.



Use your bingo game cards from yesterday. Choose 5 activities and complete each one 3 times for a minute. Keep a track of your scores. 


Today we are continuing with learning about nurturing. Yesterday we looked at nurturing in different ways and how it makes us feel. Today you are going to nurture something.

I would like you to be a carer. Ask your grown up if it is okay to have an egg. Now draw a baby face on your egg and hair if you want to. Give the egg a name. Now make the egg a bed and a blanket

 I would like you to care for the egg for 24 hours, never leave it unattended unless the baby sitting is available, you need the toilet or it is time for you to sleep. 


Class read

Enjoy listening to How the whale became and other stories read by Mrs Stephani.