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Tuesday 16.6.2020

Good morning Pre-School are you ready for Terrific Tuesday?

We've got lots of fun activities for you today, but let's start with our feel good song and dance:

Tell Everybody I'm On My Way Phil Collins -




 Today, we are going to read through Gruffalo story presentation, join in with Mrs walton where you can remember the words. You could use the story props you made yesterday to act out the story as it is read!


The Gruffalo

Mrs Walton reads The Gruffalo

Look at the picture carefully and see if you can answer the questions. Who does the mouse meet next? What colour are the owl’s eyes? Who else has eyes which are orange? Where does the owl live? What is the mouse balancing along? What would happen if he fell off? Can you see another bird?



Count and build a Gruffalo


This activity can be played individually or with 2-4 players.

To play, the child rolls the dice. After counting the total number of dots on the two dice, they pick the corresponding numbered Gruffalo piece to place on their Gruffalo.


If two are playing, they should take turns. If a player rolls a number and they already have the piece, their turn is over and the other child shall roll. The first player to get all the Gruffalo features on their Gruffalo wins.


If you do not have a dice place squares of paper with spots on from 1 to 6 into a bag. For each turn pull out a piece of paper from the bag, count the spots and choose the matching part. 


Use the sheet below to cut out the Gruffalo body parts. Before playing name the body parts with your child. 


Make a Gruffalo Counting Game

Physical Development: Look at how the mouse can balance along the log to cross the river.

Create an obstacle course using chalk. See if you can keep your balance along the lines. Can you balance on your tiptoes—stretch up high? Can you balance on your heels? Be careful—don’t rock backwards as you walk! Can you hop, jump, run along the lines?

Understanding the World


Do you know how to make Owl ice-cream?


You will need

· 1 tub of vanilla icecream

· Chocolate sprinkes

· 1 spoon


· Scoop ice-cream out into a bowl.

· Sprinkle on the feathers (the sprinkles).

· Eat and enjoy!


What will happen if you don’t eat your ice-cream quickly?

Is this a healthy snack or a treat?

What could you use instead of chocolate sprinkles to make it healthier?


Owl ice-cream