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Tuesday 16.6.2020

Our Broomwood Value today is Welcoming  and today we will focus on APPRECIATING; appreciating people makes them feel welcome.


Discuss with your child what that means – making others feel good about themselves.


Click on the link and listen to the kindness story.


Then think about what can we do to be kind and welcoming whilst maintaining a social distance?


Create a family jar or box for welcoming and kind acts and for giving each other compliments.


Ask your child: What is a compliment?

Explain it is when you congratulate or praise someone for doing something, or just saying something nice about a person.


As a family, make a list of possible compliments – focus on kind acts rather than compliments based on appearance.

This is a compliment I gave to my daughter - "you are so very kind, doing the shopping for me and your Nana." 

I wrote a note in the family jar so that she could read it later. Can you check to see I remembered capital letters and full stops?"

Can you choose a member of your family to write a compliment for so that they feel appreciated?

Save your compliments and perhaps share them every Friday afternoon.