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Tuesday 16.6.2020

Good morning Year Two First task as always is to write your date: 16.6.2020 and the learning objective: To solve subtraction problems, don't forget to underline them with a ruler.


Starter: Let’s warm up our bodies and maths brain by exercising and counting in 5s.  Click on the link below—remember Jack from year 1, here he is again!

Then answer some quick questions—tell your grown up or write the answer in your book! Use your counting in 5s number square to help you!

2 children have 5 cakes—how many cakes? Quick clue—2 x 5

4 children have 5 cakes—how many cakes? Quick clue—4 x 5

Can you think of your own question—ask your adult.


Once you have completed this, if you found yesterdays calculations a little tricky watch the video to see how you can solve this practically alongside the pictorial method. 

Tuesday Maths

Using dienes to support subtraction of two digit numbers