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Tuesday 14th April


Online Reading and Spelling program. Please spend half an hour on a reading activity and half an hour on a spelling activity. 


Web Address is - 

Secret word is- MAGICALFLOWER

Nessy name is - Your child's name with a capital letter


If you are having difficulties logging onto this website please contact school and we can help. 

Word Cards

Some children will have been sent home with word cards. I have also uploaded each card onto the website. These are the words they have been practicing in intervention at school. Please concentrate on one word card at a time, and only move on when your child can read every word fluently, then you can practice spelling them. 


Today's activity to learn the words is.... Car park words.


Use some paper (or the back of a box, chalk on the floor ect) and make a 'car park' with the focus words written in each parking space. Then read a word and ask your child to park the car in that space. You could swap roles and ask your child to read a word and you could drive the car. This idea would also work with horses in a stable, animals in a field or whatever favourite toy you have to hand. 

Ordering Numbers 

Here are some online activities to help with ordering numbers.