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For our first topic in year one, we will be learning all about Toys through the following subject areas: Science, History Design Technology, Computing, PSHE (Personal, social, health education) and Religious Education (RE).


As Scientists we will be:

  • Investigating materials looking at what toys and everyday items are manufactured from and their properties.
  • Conducting an investigation to consider why an object is made from a particular material and what would be the best material to make a waterproof coat.
  • Finding out who is Charles Mackintosh and what was his famous product.  


As Historians we will be:

  • Exploring the questions 'What were toys like in the past? How and why have they changed?'
  • Exploring old toys and comparing them to new ones, as well as having a visitor in to talk about her old toys.


As Design Technicians we will be:

  • Looking at a range of puppets and talking about what we like and dislike about them.
  • Look at moving puppets and take a closer look at how they move.
  • Having a go at making a simple moving puppet before designing and making our own  moving puppet.


As part of Computing we will be :

  •  Looking at how we can give directions.
  • Inputting directions into a programmable toy.
  • Having a go at looking for any mistakes in our algorithms and begin to debug our instructions.


As part of PSHE and RE we will be exploring these questions:

  • What are our rules and responsibilities within our school community?
  • What are consequences?
  • Who is a Christian and what do they believe?
  • What do Christians learn about God from bible stories?