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Topic Broomwood Values - Commitment


Ask your child: What activities do you find difficult?


Mindmap and share the things you find  difficult.


Explain that to achieve goals we need to commit to them. When goal setting we need to be realistic. For example Mrs Walton could set a goal to climb Mount Everest. However, this would be unrealistic in terms of fitness, climbing ability and cost. However, I could set a goal which is achievable to climb Mount Snowden and train by:  

  • uphill walking beforehand to develop fitness levels 
  • Walk a 16km distance that’s reasonably flat 
  • Walk a lower peak first
  • Build up stamina


Watch the David Beckham video on persistence and explain by persisting at something we are making a commitment.

Sesame Street: David Beckham: Persistent

David Beckham is here to talk about the word persistent. Persistent is to try over and over again for something you really want. When you are persistent, you...

Watch the PowerPoint and see if you can get all the other words which demonstrate commitment.

Play Three Stars and a Wish


  1. First, your child comes up with 3 “Stars,” or things they already do well. This can be anything from running fast to solving maths problems to comforting their friends when they’re feeling sad.
  2. Talk to your child about HOW they became so good at these “Stars.” Did you have to practice? Did it take you time to learn? Or did you magically acquire these skills overnight?
  3. Next, have your child come up with a “Wish.” The “Wish” is something that your child needs or wants to work on (a goal).
  4. Ask your child WHAT they can do to help make their wish come true. Explain to them that this isn’t chance; it’s choice. You can choose to take steps that will lead to the fulfillment of their wish which is making a commitment.

In your work book write these down and draw a picture of your star achievements and what you would like to do.