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Broomwood Values


Today we will be working on the idea of togetherness. Why it is important and what we can achieve together.

First part of the task is to watch the video of some animals working as a team. 

Minuscule - Hunt for the Hotdog

Working as a team...

After watching the video of the mini-beasts ask your child:

Who worked as a team?

Why did the creatures need to come together?

Was there one creature that seemed to take charge and be the leader? 

Do you think you need a leader if we are working as a team?

If so why and how would you choose them?

Would you choose the same person as a leader for every challenge?


Discuss how we all have different strengths, talents and weaknesses but when we value each other and work together it makes things easier, we get things done quicker and we realise that everyone’s contribution is important. So, depending on the task you may need a different person to become the team leader dependent on their special talent or skill.


Show the children the picture of the Avengers. Explain how each of the Avengers has their own unique abilities but they have all learnt to get along and work as a team, where it is their joint heroics are celebrated over individual exploits. Do you think they are all good at the same thing or they have unique talents which when they work with others become greater?

Ask how could you be a good team player?  If your child is finding this a little tricky give them some ideas - work hard, good listener, I am friendly, I can explain things well….

Ask what strengths and talents could you bring to a team?


Discuss the  teacher team at school (or your family team at home) – Miss Rose is very kind, organised and calm, Mrs Walton has a cupboard full of useful things and is inventive, Mr Bridge is very good at maths and he's funny, Mrs Peacock has exciting ideas and is always prepared and Mrs Bramwell is very creative and logical. Together we make an amazing KS1 team.


Give your child a body template to design their own superhero costume and compete a sentence about their talents and personal qualities. 

Give themselves a super hero name eg:  Mrs Wonder Walton, Miss Remarkable Rose, Mrs Powerful Peacock, Mrs Brainy Bramwell, Mr Brave Bridge.