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Bonjour les amis ! We shall be doing some more GEOGRAPHY work today, still linked to map reading!


LO: To understand 4 and 6 figure grid references, and know when each type is useful.


In today’s geography session we shall be exploring grid references. Grid references are used in geography to define locations on a map. Maps tend to have faint lines going vertically and horizontally along with it which creates a grid. The grid we then have a number running along the bottom edge and side edge. As geographers, we used those numbers together to find a specific point on a map.

There are fancy geographical words for the lines:


  • The lines running vertically (up and down) are called EASTINGS
  • The lines running horizontally (left to right) are called NORTHINGS


When creating a grid reference, we always use the EASTING number first and then the NORTHING NUMBER and they just join together to look like a 4 digit number (4 figure grid reference).


Have a read of the slides attached which we provide more information on these lines and how they are used to create 4 and 6 figure grid references, then complete the activities...