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Thursday 9.7.2020


Watch the video of the spider then can you tell your grown up: Why the spider collects the tape?What food can you see on the tape? Who is he trying to catch? Why is the fly laughing at the end?

Maths & PD


Today you are going to create your own spider webs using twigs or lolly sticks and wool or string.


Look at the shape of Walter’s webs and lay your sticks out to create the shape. You can use the shape template to help.


Glue the corners together then use the wool or string to wrap around your shape to create the web.


You could always draw Walter and stick him onto the web!


CBeebies: Incy Wincy Spider - British Sign Language BSL

EAD: Watch the Incey Wincey Spider rhyme and join in. Can you sign along too?

Incy Wincy Spider


· Collect Lots of empty containers of different sizes

· Tubes/pipes or plastic bottle with ends removed (optional)

· Plastic spiders or a plastic toy to act as Incy Wincy


Using scissors, very carefully put different sized holes in some of the empty containers so your child can make the ‘rain’ that washed Incy Wincy away! You can also use an old colander, sieve etc.


Put containers in the bath (or bowl or paddling pool) with some warm water

Add plastic spider toys (or any other plastic small toys) & tubes/pipes into the water


There are lots of ways to use this water play setup.


Just let them play independently!


Sing & act out the Incy Wincy Spider Rhyme. Use the spiders as Incy Wincy, the containers to make rain & the plastic tubes as drainpipes.


Stretch their vocabulary & early maths skills by talking about the different shaped containers (use words such as big, small, empty, full)


Encourage your child to fill up the containers with water & watch the ‘rain’ dripping/pouring out of the ones with holes. 

Challenge them to:

catch any water in the other containers

catch as many spiders as they can with their containers

Suggest turn-taking, for example, putting one spider at a time into a container until they have all been ‘caught’


Spider Power yoga | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Would you like to have Spider-hero powers? Doing some cool yoga can make it a little bit more possible!