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Thursday 9.7.2020



Read the shark information sheet carefully then answer the questions into your work books. Remember to write in full sentences. 


Practise some simple division by sharing, use the sheet below. 

If you are unable to print the sheet draw circles to represent the plates and use objects - pasta/buttons... to share. 


Try sharing by different amounts:

Question 1: What happens if you have 3 , 4, 6 plates? Can you share equally if you have 5 plates? 

Question 2: What happens if you have 2 plates? Are there any more ways to share the apples equally?


PE: Spider Power yoga compilation | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Would you like to have Spider-hero powers? Doing some cool yoga can make it a little bit more possible!

Shark in the Dark by Peter Bentley

Enjoy a story time after working hard.