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Thursday 7th May

Happy Thursday everyone :)


I hope you've had a good short week and stay safe and keep busy over the bank holiday weekend.


Before it's time for the weekend, I have lots of activities for you to do today including some work on time, learning what the term 'sustainability' means and some Art!


I also have a riddle for you today...What 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters onto it?


Please send your answers to me through the comments box! 


I'm afraid I won't be around next week over email so if you need anything please let me know today or contact the school office next week. The website will still be updated though :)




Read the Sustainability Powerpoint and consider some of the different ways that we can look after our environment. Think back to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s lessons… why is it important to take care of the environment?


Today, you are going to write a persuasive letter to The Rt Hon George Eustice MP who is the Secretary of State for the Environment in our country. This means that he is in charge of making changes to protect our environment.


In your letter, persuade George Eustice on the changes that need to be made to protect the environment. You need to include:


-A greeting (Dear Mr Eustice/Dear Rt Hon Eustice)

-An introduction (Explain why you are writing)

-Paragraphs organised around each problem.

        Within each paragraph:

                -Explain what the problem is (eg fish are dying)

                -Explain the cause (eg Plastics aren’t being recycled and are being dumped in the seas)

                -Explain what needs to be done about it (eg. Ban single use plastics or recycle plastics)

-A conclusion (Summarising argument and what you want George Eustice to do about it)

-A sign off (Yours sincerely, *name*)


Also include:

-Emotive adjectvies and vocabulary


-rhetorical questions





Today, you’ll need to convert between 12 and 24 hour clocks. You’ll see them written in both analogue and digital versions. I have attached a help sheet for you to use today.

Daily PE Activity

Class read

Continue to listen to the book at your own pace.