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Thursday 7th


See if your adult can fill a tray with a little bit of sand.

Try having a go at mark making different numbers and shapes.

Can you draw a star?



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The sound of the day - f

Jolly Phonics Group 1

Physical Development

Make a dice out of paper and draw some minibeasts on each face.

Just throw the dice and whichever side lands up is the animal you need to mimic.
You can set different challenges to suit your family.


Set a timer. 30 seconds or 1 minute for each turn. For example, “Can you slide like a snail for 30 seconds?”

Set a distance. Pick two spots and go between them for each turn. For example, “Can you fly like a bee from the kitchen table to the front door?”

Set a number. This would probably be easier for smaller children. 5 – 10 of the animal movement for each turn. For example “Can you jump like a grasshopper 5 times?”

Pencil control

Ask your grown up to draw these line patterns into your book. Trace over them, following the line carefully with your pencil. 

Time to talk 

Look at this busy picture! There are lots of shapes hidden in the picture. Can you find some looking at the shape mat below to help you.



In our nursery rhyme this week the shape is a star!

Have a look around your house do you have anything that is star shaped?


Try going on a shape hunt around your house and see what different shapes you can find. Put them into piles of all the same shape. I wonder which one you will have the most of!

Literacy - How to Catch a Star

Have a watch of this video. Can you make some puppets from paper and retell the story?