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Thursday 30th

Time to talk 

Take a moment to talk about the moon and space!

Would you like to go to the moon?

What would you do on the moon?

How would you get there?

What would you take with you to the moon?

What do you think the moon feels like?

Pencil control

What shape is the moon?

That's right it's a circle! Today we are going to practise drawing lots of circles! But each circle needs to be bigger than the last.

Just like this....

Can you use lots of different colours to make your circles?

Drawing circles helps us to write letters such as 'o,p,d and c'


Take a look at the four pictures from the nursery rhyme hey diddle diddle. Can you decide which order they should go in by singing the song? 

Draw each picture into your book. There is no need to print them.


Can you change the rhyme?


Instead of a cat playing the fiddle, what other instrument could he play?

Instead of cow jumping over the moon, what else could it jump over?

Instead of the dog laughing, what other animal could be laughing?

Instead of the dish running away with the spoon, what else could the dish run away with?


Here is my version....

Hey diddle, diddle the cat and the trumpet

The cow jumped over the fence

The little fish laughed to see such fun 

and the dish ran away with the pencil! 


Shape Rockets

Find some paper and cut it into different shapes (circles, squares, triangles and rectangles).

Can you name all the different shapes?

Can you arrange these shapes to create a rocket?


Still image for this video
The sound of the day is 'd'

Phase 1 Phonics Letter Sounds (Set 1)

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