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Thursday 30th April

Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree


Today I would like you to use your plan from yesterday to continue the story of the great kapok tree. Continue the story and try to make your writing exciting and imaginative.

Try to use:

  • A range of sentence openers
  • Exciting verbs and adjectives
  • Dialogue remembering to use inverted commas


You could even type up some of your story and send it to me to read!

Get your brain warmed up with this starter activity.


Today you are going to be ordering fractions by size. Have a look through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the ordering fractions sheet. There is an extra challenge sheet to have a go at too.


Descending: the numbers are arranged from largest to smallest. Ascending: the number are arranged from smallest to largest. 


Today we will be exploring the rainforest in more detail and uncovering the 4 layers of the rainforest and the animals that live within each layer.

First, read the Rainforest Information document.

Then, read Layers of the Rainforest.

Finally, have a look at the Activity sheets. There are three different versions of the activity; the Year 3 sheets have one star at the bottom of the pages, the Year 4 sheets have two stars at the bottom of the pages or if you want an extra challenge, try the sheets with three stars at the bottom.

Label each layer and cut and stick (or just copy into your book if you aren’t able to print) the definitions to match each layer. Draw in the animals, thinking about why that layer would be a suitable habitat for them.

3SW Class Read- Day 18