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PE With Joe | Wednesday 13th May



Today use the information below to help you write a diary entry from the old man about his day.



What types of graphs and charts can you name?

What does a line graph look like? Why is it called a line graph?

Today we are going to be exploring, reading and interpreting line graphs.

Read through the sunflower activity sheets and challenge cards.

Guided Reading


Read the first text in the Reading Booklet, Foreign Lands, on page 6.

Note down any unfamiliar words while you read.

After you have read the text, use a dictionary, the internet ( or ask an adult to help you to understand the word in the context of the sentence.

Can you summarise what the text was about? What kind of text was it? How did the poem make you feel? Why?



Using the following movements, can you create your own relay race?

  • Pencil jumps
  • half turns
  • star jumps
  • running on the spot
  • lying on the floor

In a space in your house (or outside if you have a garden), make a circuit and decide how many of each jump or movement you need to do and where you will do each one. When you have finished, time yourself completing your circuit. How long did it take?

Challenge yourself to try it again – can you complete it faster?

Could you challenge a member of your family to complete your circuit? Don’t forget to time them too!

Topic - Geography


Today, you will learn about Rainforest tribes and how they live a sustainable life.

  1. Read through the slides to learn about the Yanomami tribe, they are the largest tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. Have a think about the questions at the end of the slide, you do not need to write these down but maybe you could discuss them with someone at home?


  1. After this, open the activity booklet. Draw the table from page 3 (worksheet 4C) into your book. Use the sentences on page 2 (worksheet 4B) and write them into the correct column in your book.


  1. Now click on the next link called sustainability. Read what it means and if you are unsure you could also Google what this means or ask someone at home. Read on to find out about tribes live in the Rainforest and how they make sure they never run out of resources, what they have can be used again.


  1. How are the tribes living a sustainable life? Do you live sustainably at home, do you recycle? Do you grow your own food? Do you have a compost heap? Maybe you could do some of these things whilst you’re at home?

Cressida reads How to Be a Pirate: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of How to Be a Pirate. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here: