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PE With Joe | Wednesday 29th April



Remind yourself of the different roles and people involved in deforestation by reading the Role Cards. Which of these roles are against deforestation? Which of these roles are for deforestation?

What are the arguments FOR deforestation? Look back at Monday’s work. Can you add in any of these arguments?


Using the persuasive writing planning template, plan a letter to Greenpeace to explain to them why deforestation is important. This might not be your own opinion but I would like you to have a go at persuading from a different point of view.

Look at all of the arguments from Monday and today and organise these ideas into a plan. Remember not to write in full sentences, note form is fine.

After you have planned in the main points, look at the Persuasive language features and word mat to help you to add in…

  • Emotive and persuasive language (see the word mat)
  • Openers (Furthermore, Finally, Moreover)
  • Facts
  • ‘tion’ ending words

Remember to edit your plan to check that your spellings are correct and to uplevel any of your vocabulary choices. This is your plan and you will use it to write a persuasive letter tomorrow!



Today, you will answer the test style questions which will cover everything you have learnt about money so far. Start of with the activity labelled ‘Money test questions’ and there are answers for this too. The next trickier challenge is called ‘Money consolidation’. There are answers for these questions too. Please complete all the questions that you are able too, some might be a little tricky. Don’t worry, do your best! If you can’t answer a question ask someone at home for help or leave that one out.

Guided Reading


Follow up 2


Can you write your own journal entry for today? Remember to include…

-The time

-The personal pronoun, I

-Detail about how you were feeling at different points in the day

-Main events (This could be having your breakfast, going for a walk, playing a game with a sibling)

-Details (Who else was there? What exactly did you eat for breakfast? Where did you walk to?)

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Today we will be exploring the rainforest in more detail and uncovering the 4 layers of the rainforest and the animals that live within each layer.

First, read the Rainforest Information document.

Then, read Layers of the Rainforest.

Finally, have a look at the Activity sheets. There are three different versions of the activity; the Year 3 sheets have one star at the bottom of the pages, the Year 4 sheets have two stars at the bottom of the pages or if you want an extra challenge, try the sheets with three stars at the bottom.

 Label each layer and cut and stick (or just copy into your book if you aren’t able to print) the definitions to match each layer. Draw in the animals, thinking about why that layer would be a suitable habitat for them.

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