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Thursday 02.07.2020



Look at or listen to the Colour Monster story again then print out or copy the Colour Monster dice.


Roll the dice and pretend you are the Colour Monster, act out the feeling shown on the dice. How loud can your roar? Can you cry like a a baby? How long can you lie calm and quiet? Can you smile and jump about with happiness?  What will you hide behind if you are scared?



Directions: Look at the picture. Then circle, colour or tell your grown up t how you would feel in that situation.


How would you feel?

How Many Fingers?

Encourage children to touch their fingers and toes as they join in with the song.

Maths & C& L (listening)


Then Play 1, 2, 3 Go


Give the children an action to perform but they can’t start the action until you have shouted 1 2 3 GO!


For example: Jump high, run to the bottom of the garden,

Turn around on the spot etc



Have a try at 5, 4, 3, 2,1  Stop!


Give children an activity such as jogging, dancing, hopping call out 5 4 3 2 1 STOP and the children have to freeze.


Encourage children to join in with the counting ensuring numbers are said in    order.




Use all the colours of the Colour monster to create a surprise rainbow:


You will need:

· Paper Towels

· Washable Felt Tips


· Black Sharpie or permanent marker

· Water

· Droppers

· A large bowl

· A baking tray or another tray to protect your table

· A dish for the water

How to do it:

· First, fold over 1 sheet of paper towel.


· Start by drawing lines for a rainbow with the black permanent marker. You need permanent marker so that the black marker will not bleed. You want to press hard or go over the lines a few times so that it bleeds through to the second layer of the paper towel.


· On the bottom layer, start colouring in your rainbow with washable felt tips. You need washable markers here so that it will bleed through to the top layer.


· Keep adding all of the colours to the bottom layer.


· Now it is ready to drop in water, add some water into a dish or bowl. Then drop it into the water and watch the magic; your rainbow will appear before your eyes.


Make a rainbow...

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