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Thursday 26th March

KIDZ BOP Kids - Old Town Road (Official Music Video)

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Today you will be using your notes from Monday to help you to plan a Newspaper Report about the Roman discovery that you researched. 

Read through the Reports Checklist and Powerpoint before using the Planning Template to help you to plan your report in your book. 

Remember to include quotes (using inverted commas and punctuation) and try to use some of the sc spelling words that you practised yesterday.


You are only planning your report today, not writing it, so use bullet points and note form. You do not need to use capital letters and full stops. However, it would be great if you could re-read your notes when you have finished and make any edits to spellings or to uplevel your vocabulary.



Today we will be dividing two digit numbers by 10.


This means that each digit moves one place value column to the right. Don't forget to use a decimal point as a place holder!


Read through the interactive powerpoint and then complete the activity.

Class Book


How are you enjoying the story so far? I don't know about you, but I am really starting to get to know August.


Why is he worried about starting school?


Do you think that he is right to be worried about his looks? 


Should anyone treat him differently because he looks different to others?


Why might others treat him differently? Might they be worried or fearful of him?


Do you think that August is right in agreeing to go to school?


Read the next 10 minutes - stop at 30 minutes in.

Wonder Audiobook R. J. Palacio

Wonder Audiobook R. J. Palacio