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Thursday 26th March


Please spend 30 minutes on a reading and 30 minutes on a reading activity. If you are having difficulty logging on or your child hasn't been signed up yet and you think they would benefit, please contact school. 

Key words 

Here are today's ideas for learning your key words- remember to stay on the same card until they are completely confident at every word. If you need the next card, I have uploaded them. 


Idea 1 

Write your words on a big piece of paper and cut out (or use the back of a box). Use a nerf gun to shoot the words if you have one or throw a ball. 


Idea 2 

Is there a word your child is stuck on. Write this word on a piece of paper and use this as a password which has to be read for entry. This could be entry to a room, the fridge or cupboard. 


David Walliams Elevenses 

David Walliams is reading a chapter from his book World's Worst Children every day this week at 11am. 

Speech and language activities 

Talking is the basis of writing. Here are a list of speech and language activities which will help your child.