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Thursday 25/6/2020


Date 25.06.2020

Collect different shoes in your house

Can you order the shoes from smallest to biggest?

Who has the biggest feet in your house?

Who has the smallest feet?


Reading and C&L


Have another listen to the story of Oh Dear!   if you have your own book read along with your grown up. Join in with Buster: “No eggs here! Oh dear!”

Can you remember which animal Buster comes to first?

Look at the picture carefully and see if you can answer the questions.


Who lives in the field?

Where are the rabbits?

What is the sheep eating?

Did Buster get some eggs from the sheep?

What can we get from sheep to keep us warm?



All the animals on Buster’s farm need to have a drink of water.  Can you fill the cups and balance the tray ready for the animals to drink.


Water See Saw

What you will need:

A shoe box lid

An empty cling film or foil inner cardboard roll. (You may use a paper towel roll, but the rolls from tin foil or cling wrap are far sturdier.)

Glue or Sellotape

A piece of cling film

Paper/plastic cups

A squirt bottle




Measure your box & mark the centre of your box on the top end of the cover. Glue or sellotape the roll to the middle of the box as shown. This will form your see saw.


 Tear off a square of cling film, fold it  & lay it down. Place the see saw on the cling film roll side down. This will help keep it from moving.


 Fill a squirt bottle with water. Give your child a stack of cups & show them how to put the cups on the see saw. Have them add water to the cups & watch as the side with the most water teeters down. Help them try to achieve balance by filling up the cups on each end or just let them perform their own experiment.


Keep emptying the cups & refilling. Can you get the see saw to balance?


 You could also try this with beans or some other small items.

Look at the picture slide show below to help you... 


PD: Play Simon says: Pick and choose your actions.