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Thursday 24th April


Draw and colour in your favourite character from the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Listen to the story again to help you you choose.



Once you have drawn your favourite character, ask your grown-up to help you draw a thought bubble next to your picture. Just like this: 

Inside your thought bubble, write a short sentence to show what your character might be thinking. 


The fox might be thinking ‘I want to eat you!’ 


The little old lady might be thinking ‘Stop running!’ 


The horse might be thinking ‘Where are you going?


Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop!



Practice your sounds and do your actions!


Practice reading your red words (tricky words) 

Go onto

Ask your grown-up to help you click on ‘Phase 3 tricky words’. 

How many words can you remember? 


We are going to practice the sounds: 

First, look at the pictures and say what the words is. You can draw the pictures if you like. 

Now, try your best to sound out the word and write it down. Add your sound buttons to help you! 


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Physical Development 

Can you make your own assault course. You could use cushions, outdoor toys, tunnels, boxes etc to jump, climb, run and slide through. How fast can you go? Can you beat your time? Remember to send us a photo! 


Can you print off or draw some pictures of the gingerbread characters. Can you retell the story of the Gingerbread man story. Don’t forget to use the famous phrase “Once upon a time”.

End of the day- The Gingerbread man!

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This is a very short version...