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Thursday 23rd April

Happy Thursday Year 4!


Well done to those of you who got the answer to yesterday's problem.... the correct answer was FOUR! 


Today I have a riddle for you: How many letters are in the English alphabet?


*The answer is NOT 26*


Good luck and remember to email your answer or guess!


Have a great day



Today we are going to be learning a little bit more about persuasive devices, in order to prepare to write our own persuasive argument against deforestation tomorrow.

Read through the Persuasive Devices Introduction. Follow the prompts to have a go at using each persuasive device.

When you feel confident with most of the devices, have a look at the Flashcards. Choose a flashcard and write a persuasive paragraph about your opinion on the subject. Don’t forget to keep referring back to the presentation to make sure you are using the persuasive devices!



Today, you will compare amounts of money. You can write these in your book and draw pictures if you’d like to. You’ll need to add some amounts first, use the column method to help you or partitioning (where you add the ones together then the tens)


  • This sign means more than (so      8 > 2    the crocodile eats the bigger number   8 is more than 2)

< This sign means less than (so       2 < 8   the crocodile still eats the biggest number and shows that 2 is less than 8)


  1. Choose the level of challenge you’d like to do. 1 star is easier, 2 stars is medium and 3 stars is the hardest. All the answers are there to help you to check if you were right.
  2. Maybe you could look at a shopping receipt from home. Can you order the cost of each food? Maybe you could write a list to show the cheapest item all the way down to the most expensive? This will help you with tomorrow’s lesson.

PE Activity

Harry Potter yoga!

Class Read

I hope you are enjoying the story so far.

Listen to the next 15 minutes today, stopping at 1 hour.