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Thursday 18th June


Starter: Today we are continuing to learn how suffixes are used. Look at the pp and work through it. Stop after 15 mins. If you can’t access the powerpoint complete the two activities below. 

Complete the 2 activities.


Main: Read through the following setting description.

Attach forest writing descriptive setting

You are now going to try and write your own description about the woods using your planning notes from the last few lessons. Remember to write about the description based on what your character can hear, see, hear and possibly see. You could base it on any experiences you have of yourself being in the woods/forest.

Paragraph 1 what your character is thinking as they walk/run/fly towards the forest.

Paragraph 2 What does your character see, hear and smell.

Paragraph 3 What does your character spot as they begin to walk into the depth of the forest.


Watch the new 7 times table song


Main: In today’s lesson we will be using the abstract learning style to learn how to subtract. Watch today’s lesson video to help you.

Now you can try the method by answering the following questions.



 Read the story and then answer the questions based on the text.


Pe :

Complete the challenges on the card. Can you time yourself? Keep a score. Try and repeat it, trying to beat your score each time.


Watch the story " The great big turnip".


Who were all the characters that helped out? What do you think would have happened if nobody helped. Who would you choose to help you take out the turnip? Name 5 people. 


Draw a picture of the turnip. Choose 5 friends or family who you would ask to help you pull out the turnip. Draw these 5 people and you pulling out the turnip. Label their names.



Class Read:

Listen to 20 mins of The Giraffe , the pelley and me. Leave the rest for tomorrow.