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Thursday 25th June

Wake up shake up!

Enjoy the cosmic yoga dance party!


Starter: Complete the short activity using apostrophes.


Main: Today is our last day to design another lego minifigure. I have attached another photograph of another page from the book.

I would  like you to make this lego mini figure design a keyworker. It could be a teacher, nurse, doctor, postman, lorry driver, supermarket worker or anybody else who you think is a keyworker. The keyworker needs an accessory, a uniform, something to represent covid 19 (perhaps a mask) and a name. I am hoping to post these designs to lego and maybe we will hear from them. Remember to make your fact sheet very clear, bright and full of interesting facts.  


Starter: 8 times table game


Main: Today we will be using the abstract method to solve long multiplication. Watch the video to see the method and then answer the other half of the riddle questions from yesterday worksheet attachment. Good luck solving the riddle.




Read the story and then answer the comprehension questions.



Can you create an obstacle course that you can time yourself on. This obstacle course can be inside or outside. You could use anything from soft toys to hoops. You could great an obstacle course that can allow you to do some jumping, hopping, crawling, throwing, juggling and jumping. 



Today we will be thinking about how to nuture or look after a pet. 

Watch the video about looking after a dog.

Do you have a dog? What jobs do you do to take care of it?

What advice and tips did the man on the video give you about having a dog?


Can you create a poster about looking after a dog. Write facts that give tips about taking care of a dog. Add illustrations and bright text to make it a bright poster. 

Class read

Enjoy listening to the short story by Ted Hughes.