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Thursday 18.6.2020

Topic Broomwood Values - Nurturing


Part Two of our Father's Day Boxes... Today you will create a voucher for your Dad, Granddad, Step dad, Uncle or Mum (whoever you are choosing to give your box to) to show them how much you care and make them feel appreciated..


Think about all the special things they do for you and how they make you feel.


When I was a little girl my dad taught me to swim and used to take me and my sister every Saturday, he taught me to ride a bike, he used to take me stickleback fishing at St Georges pond and he used to read me a bedtime story every night. The best ones were the stories he made up about my toy rabbit Billy. My Dad always made me feel special, loved and safe.


Tell your adult what is great about your special person.


Then think about what you could do for your Dad, Granddad, Step dad, Uncle or Mum to show your appreciation for all they do for you. Complete the voucher to give them a little treat - you can do as many as you like! If you do not have access to a printer decorate a small piece of paper and create your own voucher. 


When you have completed the voucher fold it up small and place it in your Father's Day Box.


You might make him breakfast in bed, or help with the washing up or the gardening, or take the dog for a walk with him, or give him a big cuddle every day - think carefully about what they would appreciate and make them feel loved. 

Father's Day Vouchers Vouchers