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Thursday 16th April

Good morning! I hope you are all enjoying this lovely sunshine. Try and get outside and have a breath of fresh air today.

Please remember that you do not need to print anything out. You can copy any questions; draw any diagrams or write any answers into your books. Have a lovely day!



Today we are focusing on tenths. Read through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the activities. Just do as much as you can. Start with the tenths sheet and then try the counting in tenths sheet if you feel confident. You may even get on to trying the extra challenge sheet. I have attached the answers for you to check your work afterwards.

Year 3 Literacy- The Great Kapok Tree- Day 3

SOS Schools Pack Part 2: Deforestation

Guided Reading

Today I have given you the next three pages of the book 'The Great Kapok Tree' to read through. I hope that you are enjoying the book which links nicely to our new topic, The Rainforest! There are some words to find the meaning of and then some questions to answer. If you do not have a dictionary, you could look up the meaning of the word using Google or ask an adult to help. You can have a look through the answers at the end to check how well you did. Remember - your answers probably won't be worded exactly the same as mine, and you may have chosen different verbs, buts that's absolutely fine! 


KIDZ BOP Kids - Dance Monkey- Dance Along
Dance along with the music video.


Today, you will learn all about grouping living things. To help you, just remember Mrs Gren. Each letter in her name stands for what a living thing does to stay alive e.g. M = movement.

  • Read the power point
  • Look at the ‘grouping animals sheet’ and draw this Venn diagram in your book
  • Look at the ‘animal picture sheet’ and draw these into the correct place on the Venn diagram.
  • Finally, you could have a go at the quiz or the extension task. Enjoy!

3SW Class Read- Day 8