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Thursday 16th April


Please spend 30 minutes on reading activities and 30 minutes on spelling activities today. Contact school if you have any difficulties logging in. 


Key Words 

Sight Word Races.  

Place the sight words on the wall, or on the table or window. Ask your child to turn around and stand with their backs to words.  Call out a word and your child has to find the word quickly and match to the card- you could time them to see how quickly they can do it. 

Number Bonds 

Start with 10 objects - this could be LEGO bricks, teddies, clothes pegs, Smarties, hair clips or anything you have to hand. Start with the objects in one container (box, bowl, circle). Demonstrate this with a number sentence:


0 + 10 = 10 


Move one of the objects so there is one object in 1 container and 9 in the other- demonstrate this with another number sentence:


1 + 9 = 10


Move another one of the objects so there are now 2 objects in one container and 8 in the other- demonstrate this with another number sentence:


2 + 8 = 10


Continue moving one object at a time into the other container and write the number sentence to match. Can you see the patterns of the numbers?