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Thursday 14th

Pencil control

Can you copy these line patterns? Ask your grown up to draw them for you to trace over.

Time to talk 

Have a chat about this picture of some monkeys with their baby.



Did you watch yesterday's story of night monkey, day monkey?

Today can you draw the day monkey and the night monkey and draw what each monkey sees. What does night monkey see in the day and what does day monkey see during the day time.

Topic: Enjoy this song

Fiver Little Monkeys were Swinging on tree but then they all fell down one by one...lets find out how that happen... Five Little Monkeys Swinging In The Tree...


STEM challenge

Imagine you are in the middle of the jungle!

Can you create a bridge that can cross over the river?

This bridge needs to support at least three small world animals/toys


Lets see how many animals you can get to fit on the bridge!

The challenge is on!


Rhythm and Rhyme 


Sing along with Mr Tumble and see if you can spot some of the rhyming words in the song.

Mr Tumble's rhyme time

I know a word

Can you work out the word that rhymes?


I know a word that rhymes with cat, you need to put one on your head and the word is...? (hat)


I know a girl who is holding a dolly, she is in the book corner and her name is...?(Molly)


I know a word that rhymes with tree, you need to use to unlock the door and the word is....?(key)


Continue to do this activity throughout the day using a range of scenarios to encourage rhyme.

Challenge: Write the rhyming word


Can you write a word that rhymes with cat? 

Can you write a word that rhymes with log?

Can you write a word that rhymes with Ben?

Physical Development

Who can create the best healthy lunch?

Can you make a face using a variety of healthy foods?

Show us your creation by uploading a picture of your lunch on twitter or email us a picture at: