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Thursday 14th May

Maths- Time- Using AM and PM

Work through the pdf called Using Am and PM, finding out about when we use am and pm.

Then answer the questions about the different activities, should they be am or pm?

Complete the worksheets on am and pm.


Read Dog in the Playground.


You can listen to the poem being read to you by Allan Ahlberg by clicking on the link below.


Then complete the tasks.


Today we will be exploring environmental changes and the effects that these have on living things.

Read through the Powerpoint and learn about changing environments and the natural and human reasons that these changes are happening. You will explore the effects that these changes have on living things and their habitats.

Following the prompt on the Powerpoint, research an endangered species of your choice. You are going to research one endangered animal by looking on the Internet. Draw a picture of the animal, describe the animal’s habitat and explain what changes to the environment have 

made the animal an endangered species. Can you suggest what can be done to save the animal from extinction?

Then prepare a short presentation about your endangered animal, to share the information you have found out through your research. Focus on communicating your findings about the animal and its habitat, and the environmental changes that have made it endangered.

You can present this to a member of your family or (with your parent/guardian’s consent) film yourself and upload it to Twitter with the tag @broomwoodschool

3SW Class Read- Day 27