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Thursday 14th May


Create your own story map to help you tell the main events in the story ‘Little red riding hood’.  


Where is the story set?

Who are characters in the story?

Who does Little Red Riding Hood go to visit?

Where does she walk through?


You can use this one to help you!


You can also use this word mat to help you label your story map!





Practice your sounds and actions!


Have a go at completing this sound maze! Look carefully at the picture and say what the word is. Then try to sound out and spell the word by finding the letters in the maze!   




Coordinates show you the position of something on a grid. Can you write down the coordinates to each animal? The first one has been done for you.

Remember, you have to write the letter first and then the number. This is because you go along before you go up!




Physical development

Little Red Riding Hood



 What would you feed the big bad wolf if he came to your house for tea? Write a shopping list of what you need. 


End of the day

Share a Story

A tale of the turnip! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.