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Thursday 11th June

Wishing you a happy Thursday Pre-School,

Did you have fun yesterday?

Our song to start the day with is one Miss Walton told me is another of your favourites please join in, get your grownups dancing too! 

Anna Kendrick - Get Back Up Again:


Date 11.06.2020

Let’s count with with the Hungry Caterpillar.

Get your caterpillar ready can he say the numbers in order all the way to 5,   perhaps you could help!


We’re going to find out how many of each fruit did The Hungry Caterpillar eat in the story?


Listen to the story again, pause each time the caterpillar munches some fruit.

Using the sheet below or mark straight onto paper with paint or pencils, whatever you have at home, make a mark or a spot I used my finger to represent how many the Hungry Caterpillar ate. Take a look at the one I did earlier. Have a try...


Counting caterpillar fruit

Reading and Communication and Language


Are you ready for the story quiz? Remember to listen carefully and look at the pictures to give you a clue Story Detectives!


How many legs can you see? What colour are they? Is the caterpillar big or small now? How has he changed? Why is he so big?



Today we are going to practise mark making.


First we need to warm up our hands, get those muscles working!

Hand squeezes: squeeze hands into a fist and then stretch out the fingers and wrists. Circle your wrists and repeat 5 times.


Now you are ready. You can complete the task on the work sheet below or you can make the shapes using different materials.


Some different  ideas are you ready:

· Use your finger in a tray of salt or sand—remember don’t lick your finger!

· Write in shaving foam again—don’t lick your finger!

· Make the shape with water and a brush on a wall

· Use a stick to write in the soil


Phonics Aspect 5


We are going to play a word game called Silly Soup this will help children hear words with the same initial sound.

What you will need:

A large bowl, a large spoon, scissors and a little bowl, pictures below. If you do not have access to a printer simply collect a selection of items from around the house/garden all beginning with the same initial sound.

Explain to the children we are going to make a silly soup for the Hungry Caterpillar.

Layout the items/pictures—make sure you name the objects just in case the children are unsure what they are, emphasising the initial sound 

e.g. p p p p p pickle

Then say the rhyme:


The Silly Soup Song (to tune of Pop goes the Weasel)

I’m making lots of silly soup,

I’m making soup that’s silly.

I’m going to cook it in the fridge,

To make it nice and chilly


Take turns to stir the soup while everyone joins in singing the song. As each child adds an ingredient to the soup, encourage them to recite all the ingredients in the soup.


Silly Soup Images

Understanding the World & Expressive Arts and Design

Refer back to the video  you watched yesterday. Ask the children what happens after the caterpillar hatches? 

Look at the video of the caterpillar metamorphosis.

Resources: Coloured paint, paper, paint brush, a bowl of water, a towel  and little hands or feet!

Today we are going to make a butterfly painting. You will need your hands or your feet—this may tickle!

This activity maybe best done outdoors!

First choose whether you want to use your hands or feet for this art.

Paint a foot or hand with your chosen colour—you can mix it up a little and use lots of colours.

(If your child does not wish to be painted or you do not have access to paint, you can draw around their hands and feet and use the cut out print)

Then press the painted limb onto the paper to print— repeat for the two wings. Then add the body, head and antennae.

Grown ups you could join in to—do your butterflies side by side and compare the sizes!


Physical Development


Play  - Shadow Tag


This activity requires plenty of space and lots of sunshine! Pair up with a sibling or an adult, but stay apart and then find a good space . Designate one child as the "walker" and the other the "tagger.“


Ask the children to find their shadows. On the signal "go" the tagger tries to "tag" the "walker" by stepping on his or her shadow. Switch roles and continue playing.


To eliminate touching (and possibly knocking a child down) the tagger should shout "caught" when stepping on the partner's shadow.