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Thursday 11th June



Using apostrophes to combine words- Complete the activities and tasks on the BBC daily lessons page.


Add Two 3 Digit Numbers Not crossing

Topic- Welcoming

What does it mean to be welcoming?


How might you welcome someone into your home? (Offer them a drink, to sit down, ask them questions, get them a biscuit)


How would you welcome a new member of the class? (show them around, tell them your name, ask them questions)


When else might we need to be welcoming?

A visitor in school, a new baby in the family, relatives, friends staying over


How could we be welcoming?

(kind, questions, drink, offer them a cushion, ask if they need anything etc)


Why is it important to be welcoming?

--Consider how it feels to be somewhere new for the first time – in someone’s house, a new school or your new classroom. Can you just get up and get a drink? Do you know your way around? You might feel shy, nervous or worried.


Welcoming is important because we need to treat others how we would like to be treated. Being welcoming is being kind and considering how others might be feeling and how you can help them feel more comfortable or happy.


Consider a time when you have shown welcoming and complete the worksheet.

This week I for PE I would like you to complete the personal challenges at home. Watch the videos on the link below which show you how to complete the challenges. Have a go and record your score. Remember you don't need to print it off you can just record your scores in your work book.
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