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Thursday 11th June

Happy Thursday Year 2, our song to start the day today is a very old favourite of mine, one I used to go dancing to when I was young! A good choice for the Walton household as we will be having a CELEBRATION (clue there for you!) later for Mr Walton's birthday.

I hope you enjoy singing and dancing along as much as I do to this happy tune.

Kool and The Gang - Celebration: 

Literacy Challenge - don't forget to click on the audio!

Topic - The Broomwood school value today is Welcoming and we will be looking at how change can impact our lives and how we can deal with these changes.

After you have looked at the PowerPoint you are going to create Bubbles of Kindness.

Sometimes it is hard to share your thoughts and feelings - even nice ones. So you are going to send out your kind thoughts or worries in a bubble. 

What you'll need:

  • Different coloured pipe cleaners
  • Beads to decorate (optional)
  • A jar or container
  • Water
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Glycerine (it will make your bubbles stronger but not essential)


  • Twist together two pipe cleaners to make one thicker one. Then make a loop in the middle and twist together the two ends to make your bubble wand handle.
  • You can decorate your bubble wand by making different shapes or adding beads to the handle.  The beads will make the handle stronger. 
  • Mix together equal parts of water and washing up liquid in the jar, then add a splash of glycerine if you have it and mix gently.
  • Dip the wand into the bubble mixture and gently blow a bubble.


If you do not pipe cleaners this activity can be adapted. Instead you can use a small empty plastic bottle, cut the bottom off, dip the large open end into the bubble mix and blow through the drinking end.


Imagine your worries or kind thoughts filling the bubbles as you watch them float away into the world.