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Thursday 02/07/2020


Write the date and learning objective in your work book:

Thursday 2nd July 2020

L.O. To write a poem


First listen to Nicola Bayley’s poem Polar Bear Cat. 

Polar Bear Cat

Still image for this video

Now think about how it starts — does it follow the pattern of the other cat poems?


If I were a ________________ instead of a cat,


All the illustrations in Crab Cat, Elephant Cat and Parrot Cat show us what gave the cat the idea of becoming a different animal, what did you notice in Polar Bear Cat?


· In Polar Bear Cat he saw a little girl wearing a polar bear jumper.


Can you spot the repetition throughout the poem which creates a rhythmic pattern.

I would…


Is the ending similar to Crab Cat, Elephant Cat and Parrot Cat?


Yes it is! And if ever ….

I would quickly turn back into a cat again.


Which of the four poems has a different ending?


Three of the poems see Cat return to being a cat if  there is the threat of him becoming wet . Parrot Cat introduces a new element, fear of a predator. 


What will you choose for your ending?


Now your challenge today is to write a new poem to add to the Cat collection poetry books.


You did your research yesterday gathering facts and ideas about a monkey so keep your notes to hand.


You can either write your poem into your work book or create a mini book by carefully folding a sheet of paper to become a book—the instructions and photographs are shown below.


Create your front page with the title — Monkey Cat, author — your name and illustration of the cat.

Then create your poem following the pattern,


  • First page: If I were a monkey instead of a cat
  • Second page: I would live ____________________
  • Third Page: I would ___________________ How does the monkey move? Describe how he travels around.
  • Fourth Page: I would___________________ Describe how the monkey collects or eats his food.
  • Fifth page: I would ____________________ Think of something you found out a monkey would do and add your own idea.
  • Sixth Page:  Think what would make the cat stop being a monkey and want to become a cat again? Use the poem pattern

                                      And if ________________________________

  • Final Page: I would quickly turn back into a cat again.


Be careful spelling would, it is a tricky word — remember Mrs Peacock’s mnemonic to help you …

                                                   Would (O U L D oh you lucky duck)


Once you have written your poem, go back and create your illustrations for each line of the poem.

Nicola Bayley’s illustrations make the poem magical and add to the story running through the poems, so take time and care.

Bring your poems in when you return to school in an envelope with my name on. I would like to create a Cat Poetry collection for your class library.

Finally read your poem to your adult. If you can record yourself and tweet it I would love to watch you performing your poem.


If you are stuck for ideas or a little unsure take a look at my poem...


Monkey Cat

Still image for this video
A poem written and illustrated by Mrs Walton

Maths Challenge

Topic Broomwood Values - Welcoming

It will be an exciting time next week when you can return to school and have fun with your friends again.  However, you will find things a little different as you still need to keep a distance between you and another person in order to keep you and them safe and well.


Watch the video to help you understand why and some other ways to be welcoming.


While We Can't Hug

Think about what we CAN’T  do anymore to be welcoming? Tell your adult.


Hug, hold hands, pat on the back


What CAN we do to be kind and welcoming whilst maintaining a social distance? Share your ideas.


Smile, wave, tell jokes, make each other laugh, dance, blow kisses... Did you think of anything else?


Do you know any jokes?

Can you tweet one for me? 


Are you ready for mine? Try not to laugh too much!


Why are fish so smart?

Because they live in schools! laugh


Another way to make people feel welcome, loved or needed is to cheer or applaud or high five our friends . However, at the moment we can't high five each other hand to hand so we are going to create high five safety hands! Follow the instructions and use the photos to help you make your own. 


Making a waving, high five hand!

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