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What can we do with water?

Each week we will be exploring and trying to find answers to these questions...

1 - How could you keep dry in the rain? 

2 - How can I make bubbles? 

3 - What happened to the rubber ducks?  

4 - What would you find under the sea?  

5 - What would you see at the seaside? 

6 - How can you travel on water?

As communicators we will be learning to...

  • sort out clothes for a hot and then a rainy day
  • make voice sounds to represent water
  • give instructions to peers 
  • follow more complicated instructions


In personal, social and emotional development we will be learning to...

  • engage in group tasks e.g. building guttering
  • discuss if they like the rain
  • talk about their experiences of going to the seaside
  • discuss who their friends are


In physical development we will be learning to... 

  • use our thumb and first finger to operate spray bottles
  • pour between jugs and containers with control
  • tip watering cans
  • balance across objects and beams
  • blow bubbles
  • mix liquids together
  • shape pipe cleaners to make bubble wands


As readers we will be learning to...

  • show an interest in non-fiction texts about water and sea animals
  •  assign meaning to print in the environment
  • recognise familiar labels and signs
  • orally retell a story and begin to scribe with an adult

As writers we will be learning to... 

  • Mark make key parts of familiar stories


As mathematicians we will be learning to...

  • Sing once I caught a fish alive 
  • Sing five little ducks
  • use language of capacity – full, empty, top, bottom. 
  • discuss the shape and size of shells
  • use the language of more


As scientists we will be learning to... 

  • observe changes in weather
  • make ice melt and observe the changes
  • know how ice is made
  • identify animals that live under the sea
  • explore floating and sinking
  • name the key features of boats
  • talk about the different stages of the life cycle of a duck

As artists we will be learning to...

  • build guttering for water to travel down
  • construct boats with key features
  • explore colour mixing in water
  • use music and voice sounds to create water sounds – splash, drip, swoosh. 
  • create small world scenes of ocean