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Summer Week 2 20-24th April

Good Morning Year 4SB! 


Happy Monday :-)


Hope you had lovely weekends.


I have lots of activities you to be getting on with today. I hope you enjoy the tasks and really get stuck in to The Rainforest topic through Literacy and Geography today!


It's been lovely to have messages from so many of you... look out for replies this morning.


Have a great day.

Wake Up, Shake up!



Listen to the author, Katherine Rundell introducing her book, The Explorer which is set in the Amazon Rainforest. You will need to ask a grown up to set up an account with  It is free to join and the sign up only takes a minute. (Click on… an Introduction to The Explorer)



Listen to Katherine reading an extract from a chapter: (Click on… A reading from The Explorer)



Finally, listen to Katherine’s writing challenge (Click on… Catherine’s Writing Challenge)



Imagine that you have crash landed in the Amazon Rainforest! What can you see? What can you smell? Describe what is around you. How are you going to survive? What are you going to eat? Just like in The Explorer, you can choose something disgusting if you want!


Use this link to help you with rounding decimals today

Now, complete the worksheet in your books, you may need to draw the number lines.

Remember, 1 2 3 4  we round down and 5 6 7 8 9 we round up.

This would be the same in decimal numbers. So, we look at the tenths number …

7.2 would round down to 7

12.8 would round up to 13

PE Activity

Stretch, bend and get moving with the Cosmic Kid’s Yoga. Have a go at the minecraft themed Cosmic Kid’s session today:

Which compass point directions can you remember? (recap North, South, East and West)

Can you name the 7 continents?

Which continent do we live in?

Which country do we live in?

Which countries are part of the UK?

Which county of England do you live in?

Which city (Manchester) or town (Altrincham) do you live in?


  • Read through the Lesson Introduction presentation recapping the equator and Northern and Southern hemispheres and answer the question prompts.
  • Have a go at answering the quiz card questions. Check your answers when you have finished.
  • Read through the Lesson Presentation Rainforest Climate and connect your understanding of the equator and tropics to where Rainforests are found.
  • Choose one of rainforests on the Weather Forecast Activity sheets. Locate your selected rainforest and prepare a weather forecast. You can write it on the sheet or in your book. Then present your forecast to a member of your family or (with a grown up’s permission) publish it to twitter and tag us with @broomwoodschool

Class Read

One of my favourite stories... The Jungle Book!

Listen to the first 15 minutes of the audiobook today, adapted from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling