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Summer Term - The Americas

We are mathematicians:

In maths we will be Finding out about position and direction. 

  • Describing positions on a grid. 
  • Translating shapes with coordinates. 
  • Learning about lines of symmetry
  • Completing a symmetric figure
  • Reflection


We are geographers:

In Geography we will be exploring:

  • The continents of North America and South America and their countries (investigating their location, places of interest, flag, language…)

  • The physical features that make up both continents, including major mountain ranges (a case study of The Andes), lakes, and climate zones… 

  • The human features that make up both continents, including population, settlements, and standard of living (case study: Rio de Janeiro favelas) 

  • 4 and 6 figure grid references learning how to read them and plot them 

  • Comparing the location of a North American mountain range to that of the UK (The Rockies and the Scottish Highlands)


We are Scientists:

This term we will be finding out about thermal insulation. This will include:

  •  grouping a range of materials according to a specific criterion
  • ·describing what thermal insulation is
  •  understanding about thermal conduction
  •  investigating the effect different materials can have on heat loss.
  •  explaining the properties of thermal insulators
  •  planning, predicting and investigating simple experiments
  • suggesting further experiments and predicting likely outcome


We are Musicians

As musicians we are very excited to be learning about music linked to the Americas. In these sessions we will:

  •  Listen to a range of genres of music from the Americas
  • recognise the different features of music from the Americas 
  • Identify the instruments used 
  • Share my own thoughts and opinions about the music I listen to
  •  Create my own piece of music 
  • Hold my own part in a round


We are artists

In art, we will be:

  • investigating aztec patterns
  • Practising the method of Batik and using this to create our own bookmark 
  • Using sketching to embellish our design. 
  • Evaluating our aztec bookmark design.



We are Spanish speakers:

This term we shall be continuing with our new MFL topic of Spanish! We will get to grips with all the basics of the Spanish language including:

  • Describing how we feel 
  • Introducing ourselves
  • Having simple conversations with our friends
  • Saying what we can do (using verbs)



We are RE specialists:

In RE we will be

  • Understanding where Muslims pray and why this is important to the Muslim community
  • Exploring Islamic artwork and understand how the architecture of mosques reflects Muslim
  • beliefs.
  • Understanding how Islamic art is used at festivals and reflects Muslim beliefs.


We are sportspeople

In football and hockey, we will be 

  • Practising dribbling and passing the ball. 
  • Developing leadership and team building skills. 
  • learning how to move while keeping in control of the ball. 
  • Understanding how to keep possession of the ball.
  • Practising various shooting techniques


We are social scientists

In PSHE this term we shall be finding out more about relationships. A letter has been sent home about this.