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Summer Term: Plants

As Writers, within our imaginary story writing, we will learn how to:

  • describe a setting using our senses
  • punctuate dialogue
  • use phrases to create atmosphere 
  • spell homophones
  • include the features of a story 


As Writers, within our formal leaflet writing, we will learn how to: 

  • use organisational features such as paragraphs, subheadings and labelled diagrams
  • use formal phrases and language 
  • include technical vocabulary


As Mathematicians, within our fractions unit of work, we will learn how to:

  • record tenths as a fraction or decimal
  • calculate the fraction of a set of objects 
  • recognise equivalent fractions
  • compare and order fractions
  • add and subtract fractions which have the same denominator


As Mathematicians, within our unit of work on time, we will learn how to:

  • understand the durations of time that are relevant to our daily lives, such as days, months and years
  • read time to the nearest five minute and one minute intervals
  • understand the difference between AM and PM
  • read the 24 hour clock
  • calculate the duration of events, focusing on the start and end times
  • record time in seconds 
  • solve time problems



As Scientists, we will:

  • dissect and examine plants, identifying the different parts 
  • learn why plants have different parts and what the function of each part is
  • explore the requirements of plants for life and growth (air, light, water, nutrients from soil, and room to grow) and how they vary from plant to plant

  • investigate the way that water is transported in plants 

  • to understand the role of pollination in the life cycle of a plant

  • To explore seed dispersal through patterns in the structure of fruit


As individuals who value our relationships with our friends and family, in PSHE we will learn:

  • how to see situations from different points of view and to recognise other people's feelings
  • to recognise different types of relationships
  • how to recognise when something feels safe and unsafe
  • the skills required to form and maintain positive, strong relationships
  • to be able to problem solve a bullying situation
  • to understand what it means to witness a bullying situation



As Geographers, we will:

  • Develop our locational knowledge and learn about the local area
  • Identify human and physical features using Digimaps
  • Learn about Ordnance Survey map symbols
  • Use four and six figure grid references and compass points when reading maps


As Athletes, we will:

  • Learn how to hold and control a hockey stick
  • Dribble and turn with a ball at speed
  • Push pass accurately to a team mate
  • Use skills we have learnt in game situations


As Musicians, we will learn the techniques involved in samba drumming. 


As Spanish Speakers, we will:

  • Recap class commands
  • Recap numbers
  • Recap how to say months of the year in Spanish
  • learn how to say days of the week in Spanish
  • listen and respond to the Little Red Riding Hood story


As Computer Technicians, we will:

  • Develop our typing skills using two hands on the keyboard
  • Practice using the caps lock, punctuation and enter keys
  • Recognise and understand what hyperlinks are used for
  • Insert hyperlinks to take readers to a new page
  • Create my own document and enter my own hyperlinks to help a reader to understand information