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Summer One How we See


Our new topic for the summer term is, How do we see? We will be exploring the different areas of the curriculum through this exciting and engaging theme.

As Scientists we will:

- Revise both natural and man-made sources of light

- Understand that light travels in straight lines and draw this accurately

- Recognise that shadows, have the same shape as the objects that cast them

- Understand how shadows can change size

- Know key parts of the eye and how they work so that we can see

- Explore refraction of light and understand that light is made up of a spectrum of colours

- Understand who Albert Michelson was and recognise the key progress he made in measuring the speed of light

As Artists we will:

- Study the art of Wassily Kandinsky

- Mix and match colours to create atmosphere

- Identify primary, secondary, complementary and contrasting colours.

- Use techniques, colours, tones and effects in an appropriate way to represent things seen

- Use line, tone and shading to represent things seen, remembered or imagined

As Musicians, we will:

- Listen to and describe music

- Write lyrics for a song

- Organise lyrics into a song structure

- Use vocal improvisation and known melodies against a backing track

- Compose a melody

- Compose a verse melody

As a Computer Technician, we will:

- Find out about the role of architects and designers

- Build on our knowledge of computer aided design from our previous topic

- Understand that computers can be used to create drawings and artwork

As Explorers of Religious Education, we will:

- Reflect on the question, Why do people do good and bad things?

- Think about where Christians gather their code for living from

- Understand what a humanist is

- Think about where a humanist gathers their code for living from

- Think about what honesty looks like in everyday life

In PSHE, as children who value healthy relationships, we will be:

- learning the effects of rumour spreading

- developing an understanding of the different stages of grief

- defining confidentiality, learning when it is necessary to have this as well as when it is right to break this

- learning that there are different types of relationships whilst focusing on what constitutes a healthy, positive one

- gaining an understanding that there are different perceptions of normal