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Summer 2

This term is very exciting! We will be carrying on our seaside topic and visiting Blackpool to explore the seaside town. Have you ever been to Blackpool? 


Activity Mornings

Starting on Tuesday 18th June the children have chosen an activity to try during the mornings. What are you going to be doing? Cooking, clay building, lego building, science, art, dancing? Have a great time. 


STEM week (8th July) - During this week we will be using our science, technology, engineering and maths skills to create a lunar space model. 


PE Week (15th July)

This week will give all the children the chance to take part in sporting activities. We will be going to Total Ninja on Monday 15th July. 

Remember you need to wear sports clothes/PE kit with trainers all week. 



Our trip to Blackpool

We are very excited about our trip to Blackpool on Wednesday 26th June. 

We will be going up the Blackpool Tower, visiting the circus, playing on the beach and looking at different sea creatures at the aquarium. 

World Cookery sessions

World Cookery sessions  1
World Cookery sessions  2
World Cookery sessions  3
World Cookery sessions  4
World Cookery sessions  5
World Cookery sessions  6