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Fulltime places now available for our Pre-school for September 2021, please complete an application form (available on our website) and return to school or contact us for more information


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Summer 2 - Where does food come from?

Where does food come from?

As Mathematicians, we will:

  • find the duration in relation to time
  • compare the duration of time
  • convert analogue to digital to 24 hour times
  • interpret charts including line, bar and pictograms
  • compare, find the sum and difference on graphs
  • identify and compare angles
  • identify lines of symmetry
  • describe positions and movements on a grid


As Scientists, we will:

  • Identify that animals, including humans, need the right amount of nutrition
  • Identify that animals, including humans,  cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat.
  • Learn that a varied diet is beneficial to health (along with a good supply of clean air and water)
  • Investigate how regular and varied exercise, from a variety of different activities, is beneficial to health 
  • Find out about the life of the scientist, Ruth Wakefield, learning the impact that her inventions had on our lives. 


As individuals who value our relationships with our friends and family, in PSHE we will learn to:

  • understand the concept of ‘keeping something confidential or secret’
  • know when we should or should not agree to this and when it is right to ‘break a confidence’ or ‘share a secret’
  • know which type of physical contact is acceptable and which is not and learn how to respond.
  • recognise the people who you love and are special to you
  • recognise that friendships change, know how to make new friends and how to manage when you  fall - out with your friends.
  • know that everything shared online has a digital footprint.
  • understand that data can be shared for advertising purposes. 
  • know how data is shared and used online.


As Designers, we will:

  • Investigate and analyse existing products according to their characteristics
  • Learn about basic hygiene when preparing food
  • Design our own bread roll
  • Evaluate a product we create


As Musicians, we will learn the techniques involved in samba drumming.