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Summer 2- The Americas

Our topic this term is The Americas. 


In Geography we will be focusing on two contrasting biomes from North America and South America. We will be focusing on what makes these biomes unique and how animals and plants have adapted to these environments. We will also look at how human interaction with these localities has impacted on the environment and will look closely at some of the issues these places face.


During Science sessions we will be looking at different materials and their properties. Through observations and investigations we will be thinking about what makes materials similar and different. During these sessions we will examine: thermal conductivity, magnetism, solubility and electrical conductivity.


In Art we will be exploring Aztec patterns. We will also be looking at the ancient method of Batik and creating our designs on cloth using wax and coloured dye and adding detail to our designs using stitching. 


Our History learning will focus on the development and early life of the United States of America. We will investigate the events that led up to July 4th 1776 and look at how important Independence Day was for both the British and American people. We will also examine how Independence Day is celebrated in the modern day USA and may even hold our own 4th of July celebration.


In our music lessons we will be learning about the Inca Pan Pipes as well as creating our own pan pipes to play our pieces on.


For PE this half term we will be taking part in street dance sessions with Becky and developing our skills in cricket.

Stunning Start- Finding animals from the Americas at Chester Zoo