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Summer 2: Incy Wincy Spider why did you climb up the spout again?

Incy Wincy Spider what did you climb up the spout again?

This half term we will be thinking about

Wk 1 – How can we put humpty dumpty back together again?

Wk 2 – Incy wincy why did you did you climb up the spout again?

Wk 3 – How did the 5 little men fly to the moon?

Wk 4 – How did the monkeys fall off the bed?(PE Week)

Wk 5 - How many nursery rhymes do you know now?

Wk 6 – Rhyme Challenge


We will be singing a range of different nursery rhymes and playing percussion instruments together. Will will be doing some STEM investigations to explore Humpty Dumpty eggs and Incy Wincy Spider water play. We will also be learning our songs for the rhyme challenge, which we will perform for our grownups.

As communicators we will be learning to....

To sort out objects that belong with the correct nursery rhyme

To perform nursery rhymes orally

To listen to clues about nursery rhymes and guess which one it is.

To listen attentively to new songs and learn them.


As readers we will be learning to....

Fill in the missing words in nursery rhymes

To identify objects that rhyme

To clap the syllables in a word

To create mixed up nursery rhymes using picture prompts.

To sort objects according to alliteration.

To mark make a range of nursery rhymes with different media.


As mathematicians we will be learning to....

To sing number nursery rhymes

To complete a tally chart/pictogram of their peers favourite rhymes.

Represent numbers on fingers whilst singing rhymes.

To show an interest in numerals and representing them.

To compare quantities and begin to use the language of more.

To count a range of objects and actions, realising anything can be counted.

To use and understand positional language.


As explorers we will be learning to....

To understand why an egg would crack.

To think about what materials may help stick something together.

To think about what materials may protect an egg.

To know when we see stars.


As artists we will be learning to....

To name nursery rhymes from a puppet/picture prompt

To sing familiar nursery rhymes

To play instruments along to rhymes

To begin to play instruments rhythmically

To clap along to a simple beat.

To perform actions whilst singing

To use props to perform nursery rhymes e.g. puppets.



Tier vocab: Nursery tier 1:   king, dish             Tier 2: high     diamond                  Tier 3 spout, star

Humpty, dumpty, king, horses, wall, broken, together, incy wincy, spider, spout, rain, sunshine, dried, fiddle, moon, dish, spoon, cow, dog, star, up, diamond, high, monkey, number names, bed, doctor. Actions - bounce/ tumble/ jump/ roll/ crawl/ leap