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Summer 2 - How do I make sense of the world?

How do I make sense of the world?

Summer 2 


This half-term we are learning all about our five senses! Each week we will focus on one of the senses and learn about how we use it to make sense of the world around us. 


Each week we will focus on these questions... 

Week 1 – Why do some things taste nice?

Week 2-  What made that noise? 

Week 3 – What is your favourite smell?

Week 4 – What do you spy with your little eye?

Week 5 – What’s in the box?


As communicators we will learning to... 

  • Use and understand vocabulary linked to the five senses such as taste, sight, touch, hearing and vision.
  • Understand the importance of listening.
  • Identify indoor and outdoor sounds and comparing them.
  • Understand how different people communicate


As writers we will be learning to... 

  • Write sentences using finger spaces.
  • Hold a pencil effectively and form pre-cursive letters.
  • Spell red words correctly – I, the, to, no go.


As mathematicians we will be learning to... 

  • Subtract from 10
  • Recall some basic subtraction facts from memory
  • Count beyond 20
  • Form numbers correctly


As readers we will be learning to…

  • engage in non-fiction books
  • reading full sentences
  • Rehearsing rhymes through our rhyme challenge


As explorers we will be learning to...

  • Try new and different foods to understand our taste sense
  • Listen to sounds outside carefully and explain what we can hear
  • Explore through our five senses outside


As artists we will be learning to... 

  • Paint with a variety of media such as spice paint, describing the effects it makes.
  • Combine a range of materials to explore how it c