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Summer 2: Brilliant Bodies

Brilliant Bodies

As Authors in English, we will be: 

  • Reading different examples of instructions.
  • Using a range of imperative verbs.
  • Using headings and subheadings to make our instructions clear.
  • Creating an introduction to hook the reader in.
  • Writing instructions in the present tense and in chronological order.
  • Using commas for lists.
  • Writing a clear set of instructions for others to follow.
  • Applying Year 3 spelling rules into our writing.


As Religious Specialists we will be:

  • Looking at what we can learn from religions when deciding what is right and wrong.
  • Thinking about where people look for guidance.
  • Exploring the lives of inspirational religious individuals.
  • Reflecting on our values in our own lives.

As Mathematicians, we will be:

  • Recapping o'clock and half past 

  • Recapping quarter past and quarter to 

  • Learning about months and years 

  • Learning about the hours in a day 

  • Telling the time to 5 minutes 

  • Telling the time to the minute 

  • Using a.m. and p.m. 

  • Understanding the 24-hour clock 

  • Finding the duration 

  • Comparing durations

  • Learning about start and end times

  • Measuring time in seconds

  • Problem solving with time

  • Understanding turns and angles

  • Comparing angles

  • Understanding horizonal and vertical

  • Understanding parallel and perpendicular

  • Recognising and describing 2-D shapes

  • Recognising and describing 3-D shapes

  • To learn how to make 3-D shapes

As Artists, we will be:

  • Using sketches to record observations.
  • Comparing and recreating forms of natural and manmade objects.
  • Using a sketchbook to collect ideas and developing a plan 
  • Planning a sculpture through drawing 
  • Joining clay adequately and constructing a simple base for extending and modelling other shapes.
  • Creating surface patterns and textures in a malleable material.