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Summer 1: Where does food come from?

Pizza making for our Fantastic Finish! We had a visitor from Tesco who taught us all about balanced diets and how to keep healthy.

Year 3GP have been investigating the effects of sugar on our teeth. We have learnt about the different types of teeth and what we use them for. We used eggshells to represent the enamel on our teeth. We have really enjoyed looking at what happened to the eggshells after 1 week!

Making bread rolls in DT!

Our stunning start! Tasting breads from around the world and analysing their taste, texture, appearance and smell.

Where does food come from?

In Summer 1, we will be finding out where our food comes from!


In Science, Year 3 will exploring the skeleton and why humans and animals have skeletons. We will also be looking at muscles in the human body and why humans need the right type of nutrition from food. We will also be looking at our teeth and how sugar effects our teeth.


In Music, we will be researching and listening to different jingles and creating our own jingles! We will compose and evaluate each other’s jingles!


In Geography, we will be researching and understanding that food comes from different climates around the world (tropical, temperate, Mediterranean) and how it is transported. We will also look at how food is produced in the UK. We will research in depth how bread is made, where the ingredients is from and its history.


In Design and Technology, we will be researching, designing, making and evaluating bread rolls. As part of our stunning start, we will be tasting a variety of bread and analysing it according to characteristics.


In ICT, we will be learning all about HTML coding. We will be exploring and researching HTML codes and how they are used to create websites. We will also be editing webpages to make our own using HTML tags.


In Physical Education we will be doing Musical Theatre along with our class weekly runs.